Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Long Road: Teaching Well

This has been the perfect vacation week to think about the long road in education--the path I am on for the next many years.

As I look ahead, I recognize that my path will take two directions. The first will be towards my work in the classroom. I will devote myself to doing what I can to teach students at the grade-level with love, care and strength. I enjoy this work and feel that I have a lot of energy and passion for it. In addition, I will work with colleagues at the school level to develop my work in this arena.

The next direction will be to slowly build my consulting business, Teach Children Well. Currently that business includes reading, research, writing, and presenting. During my free time I'll build that business with more of the same and see where it takes me. The mission is to support the positive development of children and agencies that serve children. In the near future, my main objectives are to continue writing my blog, Teach Children Well, to learn more about writing for children via a local course, and to read and research more.

These directions feel right as they are directions that are meaningful to me and positive. Onward.