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Monday, April 03, 2017

Positive Research and Result: Greater Cultural Proficiency

Students and some of their family members pose in front of an animal exhibit. 

Inspired by Chris Emdin years ago at the Educon weekend conference, I began reading Emdin's books For White Teachers Who Teach in the Hood. The book is filled with great ideas related to culturally proficient, positive teaching and learning.

Inspired by the ideas related to getting to know students and their families better, my colleagues and I wrote and received a grant to sponsor a student-family-teacher event yesterday at Boston's Children's Museum. The focus of the grant was to bridge the geographical divide that exists between our Boston-resident students and suburban students. While our suburban students live close enough to pop into school when they need to or connect with teachers in more casual ways, our Boston resident students don't have that luxury. So, with this grant, the teachers sponsored an event at The Children's Museum in Boston not far from where students live.

We had a wonderful day of play and camaraderie as teachers, students, and family members gathered at the museum, interacted with the wonderful hands-on exhibits, watched a show, and had lunch in the birthday party room. I hope that we can replicate this event as an orientation event next year to get to know our new students who live in Boston at the start of the school year. This is one way to bridge the geographical divide between Boston and our suburban school, welcome students and their families into the school community, and build positive relationships with children we teach and serve each day. I also hope to embed more of Emdin's wonderful research and ideas in the future.

Happy to get Chris Emdin's Support Via Twitter

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