Saturday, April 15, 2017

Is President Trump aware that he represents ALL Americans?

As I listen to Trump's frightening talk of war and aggression, I wonder if he realizes that he represents all Americans--Americans who work daily to positively affect the lives of those they love and those they serve in their families, work places and communities.

Does he realize that destructive acts far away end up affecting lives at home? Does he understand that it's time for greater diplomacy and peaceful work with regard to making a better world? Can he see beyond his own ego and will to be king to the fact that this is a democracy, a country for the people, not just for he and his family.

It's worrisome to see just how much power one has in our democracy--always believing we were a system of checks and balances, it seems to me that our president has too much power as I watch Trump single handedly make lots of decisions that seem worrisome and that threaten our peaceful, positive, and prosperous democracy. It feels like he leads by looking through outdated glasses instead of new lenses that recognize we are a global community and we depend on one another for peace and prosperity. Even he depends on the global community with regard to his wealth and productivity.

My only hope at this time is that the investigation about Russia's influence on the election will demonstrate that there were illegal efforts in play to make Trump president, and I hope this will result in a change of guard in the executive branch of our government. I know that good leaders are working overtime to combat worrisome laws and acts, and we all have to do what we can. Too often too many turn a blind eye when small matters of worry and discontent occur, and then those small matters become bigger and bigger causing great worry and sometimes irreversible acts.

Trump is appearing to be a war mongering President who is acting quickly without consult of the congress with regard to world connections. I am worried about this. Are you?

I hope I am wrong, but almost every day there is more news that leads me to the conclusion above.