Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Musings: Next Week?

It was a crazy end to a wonderful school week with an unplanned-for fire drill which threw the schedule and consequently some students into a bit of  tailspin at the end of the day. Children really do best with some predictability, and when the unpredictable events occur it always sets them back a bit.

Nevertheless there was no damage done, and it did add a bit of excitement to the final minutes of the week.

Next week will find us reviewing and practicing a lot of math. We'll focus, in particular, on review of geometry, measurement, and volume concepts as well as a benchmark test and MCAS Math practice tests. It will be a busy week of review. In addition, students will focus on their biography project with a number of explicit lessons and time to practice.

Professionally there's a faculty meeting, writing class, and local union meeting too. Seems like it should be another wonderful week to come. Onward.