Thursday, April 13, 2017

Free Mind Free Time

This is the most free time and free mind I've had since my eighth grade summer. I remember that summer fondly. Our busy house of eight was quite quiet back in 1973. Mom and dad had jobs and my younger siblings were busy with camp and other activities. I had the house mostly to myself and I spent a lot of days relaxing and reading--I LOVED it!

Now it's April vacation, many years later, and I have a similar span of free time and free mind. School work is mostly ready for the return, family members happy, and the house quite empty--time to relax with no heavy agenda awaits. What a luxury!

Why has it taken so long to have a spell of this luxurious free time and mind?

Well, the years have been busy with school, family, work, and other necessary matters, and only now has a resting place arrived to my happy welcome.

I'll likely fill the week with my favorite pastimes of reading, writing, talking with friends, some drawing, and perhaps a bit of adventure too. Free time and free mind are gifts that far exceed most others and now I'll begin to enjoy this wonderful reprieve.