Monday, April 24, 2017

First Day Back: A Kinder, Gentler Classroom

The end of the school year has potential to be a difficult time of the school year if you don't pay attention to pacing and sufficient time for student issues and events.

At the end of the year there are many fun, celebratory events and many challenging events too. This leg of the year begins with the standardized tests which can be challenging if not given the right amount of support, practice, prep, and good attitude.

The end of the year also includes transition events as our students will be leaving the elementary school and moving to Middle School. For some that's simply wonderful, but for others it is a more emotional change since they have been at the elementary school for six terrific years and they are reluctant to leave.

With that in mind, we'll begin the first day back from vacation with a review of our classroom protocols with the theme of kindness to others. We'll talk about the fact that when we're all doing the right thing, we lift everyone up in ways that matter.

Then we'll attend school assembly, and after that we'll have recess--a time for students to play with one another and catch up after vacation. When we return to the classroom, we'll discuss the weeks ahead and reflect on what is important. We'll add those reflections to students' portfolios and meet for read aloud.

After lunch we'll try an MCAS practice test to prepare for the upcoming ELA tests later this week. It should be a good day for all with this kind of attention.