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Monday, April 03, 2017

Cheering Myself On: Teaching Well Continues

Yesterday I reflected about the main reasons why I blog. Essentially I blog to cheer myself on, develop/share teaching/learning ideas, and tell the true story of one teacher's experience teaching elementary school.

Teachers have to dig down deep each day to capture the energy and drive to do the good work possible. In general, we don't have a lot of cheerleaders and we give more than we get since our constituents, though very nice and well meaning, are mostly self-directed/interested given their young age.

So today as I think about this cheerleading, I'm thinking about what will spur my good energy, intent, and effort forward.

First, 1/2 my class will attend a field experience, so I'll teach about twelve students. That will be a special treat since it's a lot easier to give special attention to students when there are twelve versus the usual 23. I will mostly focus on their math study related to fractions and online programs--there's lots to complete as students prepare for upcoming assessments. We'll likely have some recess and time to read too.

Further, we have to prep the room for the arrival of the spade foot toad pollywogs--students can help me clean out and set up the tanks in each classroom. That means we'll prepare the water and find all the related supplies.

I will also spend some time in the weeks ahead helping students to complete STEAM projects, study for science tests, choose subjects for their biography projects, research, write, and present biography presentations, practice for the fifth grade play, and engage in a large number of special events including trips to the Museum of African American History, Freedom Trail, and Wetlands Conservation area.

There's a fair amount of paperwork to complete too in the weeks ahead, paperwork that includes sixth grade transition materials, test correction, move-up day letters/supply lists/website, end-of-year forms, and ordering.

And it's likely that there will be more unexpected events like last Friday's new curriculum share--I don't want to meet the next unannounced expectations with as much anxiety as I felt last Friday.

What matters most in all of this is continuing a positive relationship with every child and learning experiences that matter with regard to the expectations set and the potential to teach every child in meaningful, engaging, and empowering ways. Onward.