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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Working in the Parameters Set

Every work place sets parameters and expect employees to work within the parameters set.

Those parameters may be seen as too loose, too tight or just right depending upon your perspective.

Also, sometimes, the parameters differ depending on who you are and where you sit.

In the best circumstances, parameters are created by those they affect with inclusive process including representation of all stakeholder groups. This is ideal.

When the parameters do not fit your philosophy, belief, research, or need, there is a decision to make. You can choose to advocate for change or decide that the issue is not important enough to forward therefore choosing another path.

We see this decision as we operate in families, neighborhoods, communities, workplaces, organizations, and our country.

What parameters will you accept and work within?

What parameters will you work to change?

Currently as I think about this. I will continue to read and think about how we might change parameters to serve our high needs students better. I will also think about how we might change parameters to modernize our teaching/learning community efforts to teach every child well. Those are two questions that I'm very interested in, and questions I will invest in as I move along my professional path.

With respect to our country and communities, I want to think about and advocate for better parameters (policies and laws) when it comes to "life, liberty, and happiness" for every citizen--how can I work with others to elevate the potential communities hold for good living.

At home, I'll look for ways to use time and money to support a loving family, happiness, and success for family and friends.

Betterment is within everyone's grasp and this betterment depends on good communication, apt process, respect, research, collaboration, and care.