Thursday, March 30, 2017

Trump Times

Living in Trump times is discouraging. So far the news reports a lot of dismantling of good regulations and laws that protect people and the environment. Deregulation of our private data on cell phones and other computer devices seems to serve no one well but the cell phone companies. Less funding for public broadcasting seems to eliminate good programming for many, and policies that go against protecting Earth seem to set our children and grandchildren up for big problems.

Further, the news about Russian ties to Trump's win continue. Now Flynn has agreed to be witness for immunity, but will he tell the truth. It seemed he didn't share important information about his affiliations before taking the White House job, so why will he tell important information now.

Trump's staff seems a lot more like a dynasty than a democracy since he's mostly signing up close friends and family members to lead, rather than trying to get a representative group of leaders to work together to lead the nation.

There's little that comes from the White House that is uplifting or positive--it's the daily dose of dread and doom.

Every day I hope I'll wake up and find out that all is changed, and he's taken the job seriously and really does care for our diverse nation and the real issues that exist, issues that challenge "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for Americans," but instead daily I see backwards vision that seems to take away the forward movement of years past. Why would a new President want to dismantle what's in place rather than develop it--that just doesn't make sense to me.

Yet, I'm an average American who has knowledge of my community, family, and job, but not the purview of the President or the very wealthy men and women he surrounds himself with. What I can do is read what I'm able, speak up, align myself with positive good leaders and groups, and do what I can to forward what I believe in.

What do I believe in?

I believe in a good education for every child? I love what public schools are able to do with regard to nation building since children of all walks of life are able to come together to learn, share ideas, and develop in positive ways. I know public schools aren't perfect, but I believe the potential is there to continue to develop our public schools for good of individual people, communities, the nation, and the world. I am not opposed to those who want to home school or use private school, but I do believe that public money is for public school, and that money should be spent wisely so our public schools are the best that they can be.

I believe in equal opportunity for all Americans. I don't believe that you should get a special tax rate if you're rich and famous. I think it's fair to have a fair tax rate so that everyone pays a fair share.

I believe in quality, affordable health care for all people. Actually I believe that health care should be a right and everyone should get high quality health care. I believe we should invest in preventative measure so that people stay healthy--measures like protecting clean air, fertile soil, safe communities, accessible nutritious food, healthy buildings, and opportunity for high quality education so that people stay as healthy as possible. Then for illness whether it be bodily illness, mental illness, or dental illness--I believe that in this day and age everyone has a right to good health care.

I believe in strong communities. I believe our government should do what they can to forward strong, livable communities--communities with lots of green spaces, sustainable agriculture, public transportation, natural beauty, good schools, bike paths, recreational facilities, libraries, and more that supports quality life for all citizens.

I believe in a country that is a good neighbor to other countries. That means we're a country that works against war and destruction and contributes to development and prosperity for all nations. I do believe there's enough to go around on Earth to provide good living for all, and I believe it's our aim to work towards that.

In my own sphere, I'll do what I can to positively promote a positive education for my students, fair work conditions/salaries for my colleagues, and a happy life for my family. I suspect that most Americans feel similarly to me.

Trump Times are not happy times, in fact they are times that are quite dreadful--let's home the tide turns in the days ahead. It will never be perfect, but I believe it can be better.