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Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Lost Potential in Secrets

Secrets stand like a wall in the face of potential.

When secrets exist about any topic, those secrets hold back the promise possible.

Some keep secrets because they are not confident about the material they hold away from others.

Others keep secrets as a way of keeping power over others.

Some favor secrets so they don't have to face the questions or response the information tightly held will elicit.

In general, and for the most part, secrets are a waste of time.

For example, with regard to the Russian investigation. There appears to be some secrets that some are not divulging. If there were no secrets, the investigation would have no leverage, but authorities have clearly found evidence of secrecy. These secrets are wasting our country's time and resources with regard to the potential we hold for good and fair government.

Even in schools secrets exist. When some won't share data, future plans, notes from meetings, and more, secrecy takes foot, and generally that secrecy leads to undesirable conjecture, hearsay, projection, and action.

In the personal sphere, secrets are generally found out, and when found out cause more harm than if the secret was shared in the first place. There's a continuum here, and one that I can't begin to analyze as secrecy in personal lives includes such a variety of topics and reasons for the secrecy.

In general, open, transparent, inclusive process is best. This kind of process allows good debate, conversation, and shared decision making. Also this process invites the opinions, thoughts, and ideas of many, many who are in the know of the important information.

I believe, for the most part, there is lost potential when it comes to secrecy--do you agree?