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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Teaching Well is a Full Time Job

As you think of the needs and interests students present on top of the positive response and coaching that encourages their learning, you realize that teaching is a full time job.

As I look ahead to tomorrow, I'm aware of a number of small details that will make a positive difference in the day.

New Reading RTI Groups
Students will transition to new RTI groups tomorrow so that means we'll need to make some time to talk about that transition with regard to where they are meeting, who is their lead teacher, and what the expectations are. Once we meet in the groups, we'll focus on the group organization, getting to know one another, deciding on some goals, and then reading together.

Math Standards Study
Students will continue to focus in on specific math standards related to fraction study. We'll focus on fraction sequences, simplest form, relationships between the numerator and denominator, equivalent fractions, mixed numbers, and improper fractions.

Math RTI: Fraction Projects
We'll continue to coach students as they complete their creative fraction projects.

Social Competency
We'll have a class meeting to focus on specific social competency goals/criteria.

Lunch Meetings
A few students have asked to work through lunch on projects and I'll make that available tomorrow.

We're back to our steady routine. I've noticed that students are taking a little more control and ownership of our daily learning efforts, and that's very positive. Onward.