Monday, March 27, 2017

Prayerful Remembrance

I grew up with a very healthy attitude towards death. When someone died in our big extended family it was as much a celebration as a time to grieve. We were there for one another, and that togetherness is warmly marked in my history and current day activities.

Today I'll attend a memorial service for someone who has passed. I will bring the warmth that my family ingrained in me as I sit witness to the love and care this individual's family has demonstrated over the years towards this person.

I've yet to experience a death of a parent, spouse or child, and don't look forward to that experience should it happen in my lifetime as those are the people closest to me. I have marveled at the way friends and colleagues have met such pain and sorrow in their lives.

Today will be a time to share memories, love, and remembrance with a devoted family and many friends. I feel honored to have a day to share in this celebration of a life well lived.