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Sunday, March 05, 2017

Math Week: First Full Week in March 2017

There's been a host of single skill lessons in math since it's the only way that I can fit in all the standards I have to teach between now and the MCAS. I really couldn't have programmed the year in any other way given the scope and sequence I am expected to follow in addition to the time we spent up front building good teamwork and getting to know students. The scope and sequence doesn't allow for that team building time, but our team added it since we know how important that is to good learning and a sense of belonging.

Single Skill Lessons
So these single skill lessons, in my opinion, are not as rich as project work. Yet we do have a big project going on in math as part of homework and RTI so that helps to mitigate the "flat" aspects of the single skill lessons.

This week we'll have two more single skill lessons for the Fraction One unit. One single skill lesson will focus on mixed numbers and fractions equal to or greater than one (improper fractions) and the next lesson will review addition and subtraction of fractions using simple word problems. In each of these single skill lessons we'll use number models and numbers to solve the problems presented. We'll also focus deeply on the language involved too.

Math Assessment/Portfolios
Then on Wednesday, students will take their Fraction One unit assessment. And on Thursday and Friday, students will bring their portfolios to class so that they can update the math section of the portfolio with a simple reflection as well as the inclusion of a number of math related assignments/learning samples. The portfolios will be used the following week as teachers meet with students and families for face-to-face conferences. In most cases, students will lead the conference highlighting their learning efforts, best work, and reflections.

Now that the week outline is set and ready to go, it's time to relish a day off, a day I'll spend with friends I've had for fifty years.