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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Math Differentiation

As the year moves on, what students need and desire becomes more clear. There's need for differentiation, and I've thought about how we might do that.

First, there's need to differentiate students' tech skill development. We have a number of programs that students engage with, and there exists a hierarchy of values with regard to that tech. Essentially the program expects students to do the following:

  • Complete Symphony Math
  • Master their facts
  • Practice math using TenMarks and Khan Academy
  • Enrichment choices including Khan Academy Coding, Project Work, and Logic Problems
With regard to the core teaching and learning, there's a need to review and practice the expected standards. Some require little practice and others require more substantial practice. This is another area where differentiation is required.

Tomorrow I'll introduce the tech chart, and meet with small groups to encourage those students to work towards meeting the goals set in that area.

I'll further find a day to meet with the logic group to enrich their opportunity to meet with like thinkers to problem solve and support each others' learning.

I'll look to YouCube too to find some exciting, team ways to build learning and understanding. There's never a loss of learning and efforts to engage in with regard to teaching well. Onward.