Thursday, March 30, 2017

Looking Out

As I look out to the years ahead, what do I see with regard to teaching and learning.

Shared Teaching Model
I'd like to continue to develop what we can do with the shared teaching model at fifth grade. We feel it's a positive model that holds good potential for growth too.

Math Teaching and Learning
I want to think deeply about the latest research related to optimal math teaching and learning. Specifically I want to develop efforts related to blended learning, project/problem based learning, interdisciplinary units, and differentiation to serve all students well.

Modern Environment
I'd like to modernize the classroom more with more flexible furniture and better storage units. I have some ideas related to this that I plan to explore more soon.

Elementary School Campus
I suspect that the community may begin to think about a new elementary school campus to modernize the facilities for young students learning. Not long ago this kind of effort was done well with regard to the high school. I think this would be a step in a positive direction for the community. It could also be a step towards a more eco-friendly building and use of lands/grounds.

Serving Students Well
I want to work with colleagues to create positive ways to welcome students and families into the school environment and serve all the students well. I'd like to revisit a lot of the traditions we have in place and analyze those traditions with an eye on inclusion, effectiveness, interest, and importance. In some cases, some traditions may be modified or eliminated while new traditions may be embraced. One new tradition I'd like to foster is a more comprehensive orientation or students and families--one that helps to get eery child and family off to a positive start in the school year.

Instructional Value
I want to keep researching and reading so that the instruction is valuable, engaging, and empowering.

Distributed Leadership/Teacher Voice and Choice
I'd like to work towards greater distributed leadership and teacher voice/choice in the school community. I believe we have to look for ways to empower the entire learning community including students, families, educators, administrators, and citizens with good strategic process that leads to best possible teaching and learning.