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Monday, March 20, 2017

Is Learning Online Natural?

Is learning online natural? What learning is natural? I guess we could say that learning in any venue is both natural unnatural dependent on the individual, goals, circumstances and more.

Over the weekend I analyzed a large amount of student data with regard to online learning. I noted a lot of scatter from those that seem very facile and motivated by online learning to those who shy away from the venue almost all the time. To dig deeper, we're spending the week focused on online learning with regard to current standards and goals. and as we focus in on that learning path, I'm looking closely at individual work and need in an attempt to coach students ahead with these venues and tease out why some are eager to use these vehicles for learning and some are less so.

Also, the team discussed how we might look at the integration of these tools in new and different ways for next year with regard to our learning schedule, patterns, and routines. The learning paths today are many, and it's how we navigate those paths and prioritize that matter a lot. These choices won't be the same for every child, but it's worth the effort to look closely and differentiate in ways that matter.