Saturday, March 25, 2017

Good Teaching: Focus on the Child

There are so many ways that we can focus on individual children as we teach. As I think about this, these are some areas I want to focus on in the days ahead.

Compliment Board
Add compliments to students' compliment folders when I catch them doing something positive.

Project and Assessment Review
Make the time to carefully review students' projects and assessments. Add helpful and positive comments.

Accomplishment/Creativity Bulletin Board
Create a space in the classroom for students to display their accomplishments, creativity, and interests.

Portfolio Files
Space to store student reflections and completed projects, learning efforts.

More Small Group Work
Opportunity to connect with small groups and individuals more often so all students get a chance for teacher contact, coaching, and encouragement.

Playground Walk and Talks
Playground duty is a great time to talk and walk with students to catch up with any concerns or needs they have.

A colleague has been using certificates to celebrate student accomplishments.

Another colleague uses the ideas of "put-ups" regularly to foster positivity to students' good work and behavior.