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Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Musings: Second Week of March 2017

It was an amazingly busy week, and a good week too. Before the weekend begins, I want to share the plans for the week ahead.

There's a bit of an unknown this week as a nor'easter has been forecast. I wouldn't be disappointed to have an extra day off, but I hope it won't equal two days off as that would upset June plans that I have.

SEL Study Group
Our study group will meet on Monday. We have quite a bit of work to do as we finalize our efforts, efforts we hope to publish in the months ahead.

Algebraic Thinking and More Fractions
During the core students will focus on simple algebraic equations and more fraction study.

Fraction RTI
Our math RTI groups will focus on more fraction study and fraction projects.

Reading RTI
At this time, we'll continue to focus on the great book we are reading, Becoming Naomi Leon.

Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences
Every day during the week, we'll have parent-student-teacher conferences.

Spring Break
One of my own children will be home for spring break so we'll likely plan to spend some good time with him.

Boosters/Football Meeting
There's a high school boosters event and captains' parents' football meeting this week as well.

Parent Calls
I've a number of parent calls to make. I typically don't call on the weekends, but given next week's schedule I'll have to plan those for tomorrow.

Materials Prep
There's lots of lesson materials to xerox and ready for upcoming lessons as well.

Field Trip and Special Event Prep
We have field trip forms to pass out and collect. We also have some special event and computer forms to complete.

Math Fact Club
There's still a few students who haven't mastered their math facts and we'll reignite that effort with a math fact club that will begin next week.