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Friday, March 03, 2017

Friday Musings

It was an incredibly busy day.

I started the day still smarting from yesterday's obstacles, and brought that to the PLC. PLC members listened and had some good ideas. They are an amazing team.

After that I had a terrific book group with three wonderful fifth graders. I'm really enjoying this book group and the book.

Later I taught a couple of math classes a fairly dry, but necessary lesson about mixed numbers addition and subtraction, made posters with interested students at lunch for the high school basketball team, taught another math class, cleaned up, and joined the superintendent screening committee for the next leg of the job.

The Friday afternoon math group was a bit challenging given the time and a few other issues, but there was no way around the challenge this afternoon. I changed a few seats which should support greater positivity for lessons like this. And, of course, the room is in need of another reset so I'll do that on my next super energized day.

The week ahead includes more screening committee meetings, a faculty meeting, Child Study meeting, SEL study group, and #Ecet2Boston--it's going to be a busy, busy week. As far as the teaching/learning goes, students will continue the emphasis on single standard learning, take a fraction test, and update portfolios in preparation for the following week's parent-teacher-student conferences. Our collegial team needs to solidify plans for our upcoming field trip to the African American History Museum in Boston as well as share thoughts/notes for upcoming conferences.

In the end, the week overall was very positive. There was lots of great teaching/learning with all students and I expect the week ahead will be even better. Onward.