Friday, March 17, 2017

Developing Student Showcase Portfolios

It's been a busy conference week as students and teachers share students' showcase portfolios with family members. The showcase portfolio is a powerful tool for reflection and share.

I'd like to develop our use of this terrific tool for even better use in the future. How might we do this?
  • Match the initial portfolio creation with our introduction to each subject and the program overall in the fall.
  • Include the identity project that many students really enjoyed at the start of the year as a community building project.
  • Take more time for initial reflections at the start of the year to help students learn the many ways that they can reflect on their learning.
  • Make a bulletin board in each subject area to collect and post student work in a timely way that's easy to transfer later to the all-subject portfolios.
  • Invite specialists teachers to include reflections and images of work completed in their classes in the portfolio.
  • Have complimentary online portfolios using Google sites or another online program to host digital projects.
I want to think more about this part of our program, a part that builds wonderful and helpful metacognitive skills in our fifth graders.