Friday, February 24, 2017

Vacation's End: Plans for the Next Leg of the Year Spring 2017

As I ponder this morning, I realize that in a few days we'll be back at it with many goals for the next leg of the school year. Goals that include the following:

Monday, February 27
We'll begin the day with an energized cultural enrichment. Then we'll work on our identity project. After that students will work on their showcase portfolios. A few students will complete standardized tests during these days since they didn't have a chance to finish the tests prior to vacation.

February 28-March 7
Students will study many fraction concepts with greater detail and depth. They'll also work on a fraction story project during RTI and on their own time. Homework is focused on fraction story project.

March 8
Fraction Assessment Day

March 9 & 10
Fraction story project focus and more portfolio work including reviewing past assessments, making corrections, and completing a math reflection sheet.

Week of March 13
This is parent-student-teacher conference week. Focus on multi-step problem solving in math in connection with algebraic thinking standards/fraction concepts. Homework includes review of algebraic thinking concepts, knowledge, skills.

Week of March 20
Continued attention to multi-step problem solving with specific attention to measurement and fraction concepts. Homework includes review of algebraic thinking concepts. Algebraic Thinking test 3/22.

Week of March 27
Continued review and practice of fraction concepts as well as fraction story projects. Homework reviews fraction concepts. Fraction II test 3/30.

Week of April 3
Review of volume/geometry concepts. Homework: continued review of problem solving and fraction concepts.

Week of April 10
Curriculum review and practice. Systemwide math test 4/12.

This leg of the school year is focused heavily on meeting the common core expectations in math, expectations that include many standards. I know that students will be able to power through that with good energy and support. Onward.