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Sunday, February 05, 2017

Role Perspective

As we serve multiple roles, it's important to consider our role perspective and responsibility. I don't want to forget this as I  move forward.

The educator role perspective is to serve students as well as I can in conjunction with colleagues, administrators, and families.

The DESE committee role is to offer an educator-in-the-field perspective with regard to the issues we discuss and work on.

The MTA Teaching and Professional Learning Committee role, similar to the DESE role, is to represent the teacher-in-the-field perspective.

The local union role is to thoughtfully take notes, keep the website up to date, review and take notes related to school committee meetings, and serve the members in ways that I can in collaboration with the local union board.

The SEL study group role is to look for ways to embed SEL research into daily teaching and learning efforts.

The new superintendent screening committee role is to review and respond to information presented with an experienced educator lens in an effort to work with others to make a positive systemwide decision in this regard.

The collegial role is to work with and support my colleagues in any way I can in order to forward our best possible collective teaching and learning efforts.

What are your professional roles, and what perspectives do you bring to those roles? This is an important consideration as we do the work we do.