Sunday, February 26, 2017

Living in Trump World 2017

I must say I'm not at peace during the start of Trump's reign as President of the United States. It's difficult to focus on my work as a mom and teacher, when daily the news fills me with fear, worry, and the need to research so that I can understand what's going on.

Demeaning Speech
First of all. Trump's speech is mostly demeaning and degrading. He demonstrates no evidence of research, facts, empathy, care, or compassion. Instead he uses simple, negative words to demean whole groups of people when he tweets "sick," "bad," and "fake" so often.

Dismantling America as We Know It
The news demonstrates that his speak is resulting in negative action as we see a rise in hate crimes. Rather than standing up for our diversity and respect for one another, he incites hate. He has not spoken up in favor of our public schools, but instead works to dismantle our schools with support for vouchers and school choice.

Further, he seems to come out against the First Amendment often as he infers one religion is better than another, the news is "fake," and denounces free speech with degrading remarks rather than clear, thoughtful responses.

As an average American, I feel oppressed by Trump's clear regard for the wealthiest people and his own efforts to build his fortune as he leads America. As he holds business at his own hotels and resorts, the public money that supports his Presidency also supports his private business. He clearly supports those that live to become wealthy and powerful, and is less interested in the average person. We see this in his quick decision to get rid of the Affordable Care Act rather than improve it. It seems as if Trump values some over others, and is not a President for all Americans.

Trump has spoken untruths during press conferences. His ties to Russia are very suspect, and the fact that he is not supporting an independent investigation of Russia's influence over the election, but instead asking the intelligence organizations to put this reporting to rest is very worrisome. It feels as if he wants to trick the American people, playing us for his own interests.

Love of Country vs. Love of Self
It does appear that Trump's self-regard trumps his regard or interest in our country.

Perhaps I'm all wrong about Trump, and every day I hope I'll wake up and read a news report that proves me wrong and demonstrates that we truly have a terrific leader at the helm. But I've yet to see this occur.

I will find ways to use my voice, time, and influence to affect votes, decisions, and events in the days ahead. I want a good country and a good world. I believe that the involvement of all will result in the continuation of a strong, good country and a good world. I believe that none of us know it all, but together we can do good work. Onward.