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Friday, February 03, 2017

Friday Thoughts: February 3, 2017

It's been a good week overall of teaching and learning. The students were invested and the lessons went well.

As we complete the week today and embark on next week's learning, what's the focus:

Fraction Study
We've started our fraction study and will continue that study next week by completing our handmade fraction bars, noticing and listing relationships between fractions that we observe; simplifying, adding, subtracting, and solving word problems.

Math RTI
My math RTI group is working to study math facts in meaningful ways. We're applying that study to word problems and calculations.

Reading RTI
This group is enjoying reading and discussing books. They particularly enjoy humorous stories and readers' theater.

Special Events
The Middle School will present to all students this morning and next week we'll host author, Jaqueline Davies.

Teacher Prep and Professional Study
This is the first week of the year where there isn't a great list of professional study or prep items. I'll use the time to plan and prep more of the fraction study as well as to catch up on some of my work for the committees I serve on.

Superintendent Search Screening Committee
I've volunteered to serve on this committee and the first meeting will be held next week in the evening. I look forward to this work and imagine that I will learn a lot as the committee is filled with dedicated town and system volunteers.