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Thursday, February 09, 2017

February 2017 Snow Day Musings: Looking Ahead

Once again I write to cheer myself on as I meander the teaching/learning path. What efforts lie ahead?

Test Review
I'll provide students with one last test review before our systemwide GMADE tests next week.

I'll introduce students to the best strategy for this test, and then let them take the test peacefully. When complete they'll have the chance to read books that interest them.

Valentine's Day Math
I've planned a sweet math vocabulary and concept review activity.

Portfolios/Homeroom Days
We'll spend the last day prior to vacation and first day after the February vacation preparing portfolios for upcoming parent/student/teacher conferences.

Fraction Study
I'll integrate multiple previous concepts into our study of fractions after vacation including multi-step problem solving, line plots, number lines, model making, measurement, polygons, volume, and math project work. As much as possible I'll include "maker math" learning opportunities since making in math is engaging, deep, and evidence of good teaching/learning.

February Vacation
A good time to catch up on life.

Special Events Planning

  • Children's Museum Event
  • Boston's African American History Museum Visit

Professional Learning:

  • Edcamp Boston: March 11
  • Cultural Proficiency Collegial/Student Survey Work and Follow-Up
  • SEL Study Group Tasks and Writing
  • MTA Summer Conference: Accommodations/Cultural Proficiency Study
  • Professional Reading and Review: Emdin, Boaler. . .
  • Continued attention to math/STEAM curriculum/activities
  • Preparation for June event