Sunday, January 22, 2017

Women's March: My Response

I feel a personal responsibility to mirror the Women's March in my own work. What will I do?

Collaboration and Collegiality
In the school house, we are working on a number of issues to move our efforts forward to teach all children well. At times there is conflict as we work together. As much as possible, I will try to respond to that conflict with good collaboration, communication, and compassion. For example, the other day, we discussed and debated about how to solve a teaching problem. There was a lot of tension as people discussed the problem. In hindsight, we could have used a better problem solving strategy. I will think about how I might contribute to better process with this challenge in mind. That is one way to mirror the peace, collaboration, and impact of the women's march. Specifically I outlined and shared a number of possible improvement paths related to our discussion topic and suggested that we invite leaders of Hosting Conversations work in to lead a vertically-aligned collegial meeting.

Elevate Others
As the speakers spoke at the march, they elevated what I know and what I can do. Their words empowered me. I want to do the same for others in my midst. I want to step back more and work to support and elevate the emerging leaders all around me. It would be great to make a list of empowering words that the whole class can use as we work to coach and teach each other.

Use Respect
Clearly a lack of respect creates obstacles. Sometimes when we're impassioned by events, we can lose sight of respect. We see this happening with multiple leaders in our midst today, and it's clear how debilitating this is. On the other hand, those that consistently speak with respect, invite greater development and collaboration. Slowing it down helps with this aim.

We have to make the time to think carefully about the work we do. We can't just talk in circles, speak at each other, and problem solve without process. Good strategy, long term vision, goal setting, and team building support good effort. Writing the blog, reflecting, and planning helps with this.

Focus on what matters and learn more. Education fuels good work. It's critical to seek out the mentors in your midst through courses, reading, video, conversation, collaborative work, and more to learn and do better. Continue to sign up for worthy learning events as well as read books, watch videos, and converse in real time or online to learn.

I plan to follow Moore's advice to try to write and call my political leaders more often with suggestions. I plan to speak up more and act to illustrate my ideals, belief, research, vision, and goals in what I do.

My work as a teacher and my role as a mom, family member, and friend, gives me limitless opportunity to mirror the intent and power of the Women's March in my daily life. I'm excited about this potential, and will make a plan to make it a reality in my life.