Monday, January 30, 2017

Who Truly Supports Teaching and Learning?

As I think about the education world around me, I wonder about who truly supports quality, student-centered teaching and learning? Who "walks the walk" with regard to what is best for children and their future? Who forwards the kinds of democratic schools that support a strong, vibrant democracy?

These are important questions to ask as you ally yourself to individuals, organizations, and efforts. Time is limited and you want to spend that time supporting the best possible work and effort.

I spent a fair number of my own dollars to attend Educon 2.9. The system I work for allowed me to take a professional day to attend. Was the money worth it? Yes, because to develop my craft amongst invested, bright, and committed educators, students, and leaders means that I can do a better job for my students. Educon is a place where new ideas are born and valuable work is affirmed.

As I move forward in the year, I want to think carefully about my investment of time and effort when it comes to doing my work. Who and what forwards my work with children best? What is it that they do to help me empower, deepen, and intensify my work? How can I also contribute to others efforts in ways that matter? These are good questions as I begin the week.