Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Unit Test

All students will take the unit test. I'll introduce the kind of strategy that works best for this test and then let the students independently show what they know. A few students have accommodations for test taking which they will receive to support their best effort.

As students test, I'll answer clarifying questions and perhaps, in some cases, read some difficult words if asked. I'll notice how students tackle the assessment. Who takes the test with confidence? Who seems to hurry too much? Who carefully checks his/her work? Who becomes dismayed? I'll document any observations that will help me to teach better or support a child more in the days ahead.

Also while they test, I'll prep for tomorrow's fraction introduction lesson, a new lesson using play dough--it will be a nice complement to the dry, seriousness of a paper/pencil test. It will be good to relax the students minds after all this test prep and testing, and begin fraction study in a more playful, open-ended way. Onward.