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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Prepping for Educon 2.9

It's difficult to miss Educon since it's a hub of new ideas and innovative think when it comes to teaching well. Whenever I've attended this weekend-long convening in Philadelphia, I've come away with a renewed spirit and many, many wonderful ideas for forwarding the work I can do to teach well.

At Educon 2.9 I expect to be inspired, challenged, and invigorated. As I looked over the menu of options, I found myself challenged about what to choose since the offerings were so terrific.

I'll use the travel to Educon as a time to update my knowledge and work related to social emotional learning (SEL). I've got a book to read and writing to do.

Friday night I'll attend the Sustainability Panel Discussion and Reception at The Franklin Institute. If I get there early, I'll tour the museum too.

On Saturday and Sunday, I'll focus my learning on the environment, cultural proficiency, deeper learning, and communication. With that in mind, I'll attend the morning panel discussions and multiple presentations including the following:

 Sadly, I won't be able to attend the final two workshops of the weekend--more workshops that offer tremendous value. But I'm sure I'll be filled with ideas when I leave Philadelphia close to noon. I'm looking forward to the learning ahead and a chance to catch up with a number of talented educators who are part of my Professional Learning Network.