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Friday, January 20, 2017

Positivity and the Presidency

I am very interested in today's Presidential events. This is a historic day. Whether you agree with President-elect Trump or not, you can't deny that this is a historic day--a day that will begin change in America.

Like many, I'm worried, but also intrigued. Trump's language throughout the campaign served to diminish many. Yet, the words I've heard expressed recently are more inclusive and positive. This doesn't mean I'm a fan, but it does mean I'm listening.

Psychologically I have to put aside opinion today and replace it with objective listening. This election has already taught me lessons.

First, it's important that we don't slander or disrespect our opponents. For those of us who supported Obama, we were hurt and frustrated when so many slandered him. It does no one any good to slander, but on the other hand, we have to speak up with truth when leaders and others lead without care, interest, or respect for people.

Next, politics is not a bystander sport. Instead if we want to have impact, we have to act by speaking up and getting involved in our communities to effect good work and service to others.

After that, we're not super human. No one individual can be all or do all and that's why alliance, collaboration, and team are more important than ever. The important decisions that people need to make in today's world's require the best possible strategic work, intelligence, knowledge, solidarity, and intent.

I'm thankful for the many good leaders around me, the freedom of speech citizens in our country enjoy, and the ability to serve. There's much at the moment I don't agree with, but there is also much that I can do to forward the good work and ideas I support. I don't have time to be negative now as it zaps the energy I need to do the good work possible. Onward.