Saturday, January 21, 2017

Moving In

While many are moving out to protest, I am moving in to do some deep work that needs to be done.

All in all it has been a very challenging professional year. Most of the challenges are self-driven with regard to professional events and efforts I've committed to--events and efforts that are very challenging and demanding. To do this work well requires substantial research, writing, and thinking time.

What I hope to achieve is elevated service to students and colleagues. Today when I taught I saw a glimmer of what is possible if I do this work well. It was an uplifting, quiet experience, and the kind of experience I am reaching for.

In our professional and personal lives we move through all kinds of challenges and calls. Some are very public and social and others are much quieter and more personal. It's important to heed the calls you hear in order to better your professional contribution in ways that matter, and it's also important to respect the calls of those you work with, calls that will often differ from your own direction and commitment.

I support the outcry for better and good. I support the quiet work too that pushes each of us forward. It's time to move in and that's where I'm headed. Onward.