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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Month by Month Look at the Remaining School Year

To reach the school goals, it's essential to look at the year map. Here's the goals and teaching to come:

January to February Break

  • Math RTI: Number sense efforts and enrichment
  • Math Core: Fractions, GMADE Assessment
  • Student Portfolio
  • Professional: Educon, Strategic Student Meeting, Reading Meetings, Screening Committee, SEL Study Group
March to April Break
  • Remaining Math Units/Standards
  • Parent/Student Conferences
  • Visit to the African American History Museum
  • Biography Project Start
  • Professional: Scheduling review, SEL Study Group, TAC
April Break to June
  • Test Prep/MCAS
  • Fifth Grade Play
  • STEAM Projects
  • Math Practice and Review
  • Naturalist Study/Gardening
  • Boston Trip
  • Biography Project and 
  • Presentation
July & August
  • MTA Summer Conference
  • Reading and Research
  • Prepping and Planning for 2017-2018 School Year
  • STEAM Lab Grant Research and Prep