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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Idea Box: Who Has the Key?

A number of years ago colleagues attended a lengthy, multi-week training about exciting new learning.

They never shared the learning highlights.

Recently a number of educators mentioned a noteworthy, inspiring talk they attended, but also never shared the highlights.

When great ideas are not shared, it's as if they are stored in a tight box without a key.

When great ideas are not shared, they don't take root or flight and remain mired.

When we consider the idea circle, we need to think of ideas as seeds, and we have to think about how to nurture and grow those ideas.

The idea circle starts with the seed. We nurture the idea seed with research, conversation, the design process, implementation, assessment, revision, reflection, and refinement.

When educators learn of new ideas, it's important that they share the highlights with others as that starts the growing process.

When good ideas stay stuck in boxes without a key, potential is lost.