Thursday, January 26, 2017

Friday Musings (On Thursday): January 26, 2018

Sailor, Nautical Map Expert, Student Professor

It was an eventful day in the school house. One highlight was students' opportunity to explore their new BrainPOP accounts--they loved it! I was impressed with how much progress BrainPOP has made since it first started and plan to use it more as part of the regular part of the curriculum.

We spent some time discussing body shaming and the need to respect our many different body types. We discussed the fact that good quotes and songs that make us strong can help us stand up to the prejudice that we sometimes face when people make fun of our bodies. I hung up a number of inspirational quotes in the classroom as reminders.

One highlight of the day was when a young student shared his knowledge and an interactive activity all about nautical charts. It was an amazing lesson. We all learned a lot.

The team spent a long time reviewing Term Two dates and plans, and students completed unit assessments too. Tomorrow I'm off to Educon for lots of learning and solidarity with colleagues from many schools throughout the country. I look forward to the event.

Next week will find the class focusing on fraction study. The team will focus on some individual teaching matters and I'll meet with local union members for our typical monthly meeting.

It will be interesting to see where Educon takes me this weekend with regard to teaching and learning. Now it's time to prep for the trip.