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Friday, January 06, 2017

Friday Musings: January 6, 2017

Have we only been back to school for four days? That's unbelievable since we did so much in those four days. Now it's time to think ahead to next week and the learning challenges we'll tackle.

School Assembly
Monday's school assembly will find another group of fifth graders serving as anchors, tech crew, and ushers. Students really love this opportunity to be school leaders and they learn a lot while they are doing it. It's a terrific school tradition.

Division Test Review/Homework Collection
I'll make a point to check off who has completed the review packet and give students who did not complete the work a lunch time and evening to try to get it down before our whole class review. I also hope to pass back recent division tests for student review and correction. We'll continue our work on decimal models for one more day too.

Reading RTI
Focus on the mystery novel.

Math RTI
Number sense game continues.

Content Review
Prior to the Symphony Benchmark test on Thursday, students will have a chance to review a number of concepts they practiced this week while doing their homework and working on That Quiz tests.

Decimal Models and Problem Solving
Students will also complete work on decimal model making using Google Table and Draw.

ALICE Training
The principal will review ALICE safety protocols with students.

Frederick Douglass
Will continue the study of character attributes and when time permits we'll begin to learn about Frederick Douglass's life and character too.

Classroom Organization
Another update.

A focus on the MTA Professional Learning Committee, Local Union Work, and SEL Study Group Work makes up the professional learning efforts next week as well.

The teaching/learning team has started the new year with promise. May it continue as well. Onward.