Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Building and Deepening the Math Program

I want to build and deepen the math program. I am seeking ways to do that.

These are my thoughts:
  • Split the program into two forty-five minute periods. One period would be the differentiated core, and the other period would be a more personalized/differentiated period. 
  • During the core, embed more of Boaler's floor-to-ceiling investigations to promote a richer, deeper, collaborative math learning experience.
  • During the personalized/differentiated block include at least two periods a week for students to learn/use computer programming probably beginning with SCRATCH. 
  • Build in greater math into the STEAM projects/experiences.
  • Look into finding a framework program such as Math 180 to support our work with our most challenged math learners--learners who for a variety of reasons do not have the foundation skills, concept, and knowledge for the grade-level expectations. 
How can we systematically build this program?
  1. Share ideas with system administrators/coaches. Ive been doing this, and have received little to no response. I will think of other ways to share these ideas in the days ahead.
  2. Plan a time for colleagues to discuss these ideas. A date has been set for this conversation and an open document has been created for idea share.
  3. Begin to employ some of these ideas as they fit into this year's curriculum program. 
  4. Study related information during the summer as I look forward to next year's learning program. 
How is your school system deepening and building your math program? What approaches are you using that are making math more engaging and empowering for all students? How are you embedding computer programming into your math program? Are you using Boaler's research and projects as you build your program? I look forward to your share.