Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Blocked! You Write Too Much!

I know that many feel I have too much to say online and off. I also feel the same way too, but as I build ideas and improve practice, I want to keep those I work with abreast of the effort. I don't think that any valuable idea should go unheard.

Yet, some say I repeat, and I know that to be true too. I repeat often as ideas gain a firm footing in my mind and in my work. I also repeat when I haven't heard any response since it's possible no one opened up the email or that I could even be blocked by some. That's okay. I don't expect everyone to read my words or even give them attention as I know people everywhere have their prioritization list about what's important what is not important.

The good news about the share is that it truly helps to move ideas along, and this matters. The share invites critique which helps to develop ideas. The share invites further ideas which enriches the original idea, and the share also prevents the need for lots of unnecessary conversation since it's in writing and I can spend time working on the actions related to the idea.

If you read about ideas, you'll note that the best way to spread and develop ideas is not in writing, but via conversation amongst small groups of people--this is invaluable. We do have some time for this, but not enough so I'll make the most of those times to collaborate in real time, times like this weekend's upcoming Educon conference, PLC, grade level meetings, and impromptu get togethers.

I'll keep writing. Read if you like. Someday the words will find themselves organized into a book that's more accessible, but for the meantime, these words are mostly the sustenance that helps me do my work every day to serve children well. Onward.