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Thursday, January 19, 2017

A New President

President-elect Trump will soon become the President of the United States.

He was not my candidate of choice, but he clearly won the electoral vote.

How will I react to his presidency?

I believe that we have to act with respect, honesty, and best effort.

I believe we have to expect the best from our President. We have to expect him to be lawful, thoughtful, strategic, and humane. If he does not live up to those expectations, we have to speak up.

I also believe that every citizen has the responsibility to live up to his/her ideals at work, at home, and in the community. A President is a powerful person, but he is not all people. We all have responsibility to stand up and work for what we believe in.

For me that comes down to family, school, and community. I want to do my best to advocate for and provide the kind of service I believe makes a positive difference in the lives around me.

Even though Trump did not get my vote, I must say it is amazing that he became President. I never thought he would win the election. I remain both cautious and hopeful. We have a good country. There are lots of checks and balances. Let's hope the years ahead will surprise us with good effort and forward movement. Onward.