Thursday, December 15, 2016

Where's the Support?

I've noted recently that a number of long held traditions have garnered less support.

Why might this be true?

I think it's important to revisit long held traditions with new family members, colleagues, and friends. What was at one time the best solution, tradition, or event may no longer work. It may be time for a new way.

Too often people forget to introduce an old tradition in an inclusive way. They don't realize that it may be important to discuss the issue with the new people as those people may not know anything about the tradition or may think it's a tradition that no longer applies to a family, group, or organization.

Traditions can be well loved and terrific, but some traditions may have outlived their use due to a number of other issues.

So if support is lacking, it may be because no one ever made the time to talk about the event, ask questions, and potentially redesign to meet new needs and interests.