Saturday, December 24, 2016

What's Your Role on the School System Team?

I have a terrific role on the grade-level teaching team. Together with my grade-level colleagues, special educators, specialists, students, administrators, and family members we care for the teaching/learning related to 74 fifth graders. It's a great role and great model for collaboratively teaching well. In the past month we navigated a number of challenges that resulted in an even stronger, better teaching/learning team.

I also have a role as a member of the overall teaching/learning system. That role has continued to change over the years. I've reached out to learn and have spoken up a lot with regard to this role. Some of this work has been well received and other work less well received. In many ways this is a turning point with regard to my system work since there are many more educators who are speaking up and stepping forward at this time--many who are working in positive ways to continue to build a strong teaching/learning system.

What roles will I embrace in the coming days related to systemwide growth and development?

Local Union Secretary and Representative
As the union secretary it's my role to write/share meeting notes and keep the website up to date. I also listen to school committee meetings regularly and publish notes related to the issues that affect educators from the meeting. My focus in this area is to share opportunities and helpful information in timely, transparent ways--ways that will help my colleagues access all needed information and opportunities that will help them balance positive work and good living. As a representative, I work with two other building level representatives. We have a good balance of skill and insight together and work to represent the needs of our school building's union members well. My role on DESE's Teacher Advisory Board, the MTA's Professional Learning Committee, and ECET2-MA2016 team in addition to my social media share with my rich Professional Learning Network (PLN) support my work in this area.

Researcher and Teaching/Learning Advocate
I spend a lot of time reading and researching with regard to teaching well. I enjoy this reading and research and have found that it has served to strengthen what I can do with and for students and colleagues. I plan to continue this work in the days ahead. I am mostly focused on the following areas in that regard:
  • Cultural Proficiency
  • Meaningful, brain-friendly, responsive, integrated math teaching/learning
  • STEAM teaching/learning
  • Integrating social emotional learning with academic teaching/learning
  • Distributive leadership models, teacher leadership, and educator voice and choice
  • Use of organized, well-communicated, rich, deep, inclusive, and transparent strategic process with regard to initiating and developing teaching/learning programs.