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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Traveling the Math Learning Path

This image demonstrates the multiple math paths the class is traveling this year. 
Students in my math class represent many layers of knowledge and skill. For some, they are focused on solidifying early number skills with regard to counting and facts. Others are just beginning to master multiplication, and still more are ready for division, decimals, problem solving and deeper concepts and application.

Right now I'm focused on building everyone's number sense and computation with regard to whole numbers and decimals. They are all climbing the "computation ladder" to better and better proficiency with a number of math standards. The big challenge here is how to coach, mentor, and forward such a diverse group of students.

For the next few weeks we'll focus on math learning paths that are depicted on this page. Students who are solidifying counting and facts will work with a number of specialists that teach in our class. I'll work with those who are moving from multiplication to higher level concepts as shown in the image below. Today I'll introduce students to these images. I'll talk about the many resources they can access to move along their path, resources such as Khan Academy, TenMarks, Symphony Math, That Quiz, paper/pencil exercises, tests, and of course, teacher help. There's many online and offline games that support this journey too.

I'm hoping to inspire as much student initiative and ownership of this journey as possible, and I'll introduce the paths to parents too this week via our TeamFive newsletter to enlist their support as well. It takes time and practice for students to master foundation skills, knowledge, and concept in math, and we'll make a lot of time for this practice in the weeks leading up to the holiday break.