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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

To Demean Is To Zap Energy

We need good, positive energy to teach well.

When our efforts are demeaned and disregarded, our energy is compromised.

On the other hand, when we are empowered, our energy grows substantially and what we can do with and for students soars.

Honest, authentic action and leadership also serves to elevate energy. When led in ways that are trustworthy and transparent, educators feel like part of the team and their investment deepens and grows. On the other hand if leadership is confusing, unclear, and untrustworthy, then energy and investment is less.

The same is true for our students.

Are we honest, authentic, committed and positive with our students. If so, we're likely to have invested, dedicated, energized students. Yet if we're dishonest, inauthentic, negative, and callous with our students, we'll find that their energy and investment is less if it exists at all.

Positivity and honesty elevate what we can do with and for our students, colleagues, leaders, and others. One without the other doesn't serve anyone well--it takes both honesty and positivity to do our work well.

Teaching today can be tough work for many, many reasons. As I think of ways to forward my work in positive and honest ways, I want to think about how to elevate good energy in myself and those around me as a good starting point.