Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Teaching Well: Busy, Busy, Days

These are busy, busy days in school.

Children are excited with the first snow and holidays. There's lots of energy in our classrooms.

Teachers are a bit tired too as there's a residual affect that happens at this time of year--we've worked hard all fall, taken care of our families, and are now often involved in lots of holiday activity.

There's less outdoor play due to the weather, and at times, there's more demands from individuals, departments, and agencies outside of the school--the people that support and or lead our efforts.

It's important at this time of year to slow it down a bit. It's good to give students the extra structure and attention that works well now, and it's good to take the time you need for some extra rest and care so you have what it takes to support the students and their families.

I'm focused on having students use a large number of strategies to "climb the computation" ladder with skill and meaning. Onward.