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Monday, December 05, 2016

Teaching for the Long Run: What will you do?

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a banquet that featured many students who attended the elementary school where I teach. These students are now high schoolers. Throughout the banquet I was amazed by the coaches' dedication and care for each and every player. It was clear that these dedicated coaches were mentors who created a strong culture of brotherhood, care for one another, and success. I was similarly amazed when I saw a number of students stand up with pride, respect, and confidence to accept awards and/or to speak--those students had come a long way since their early years at the elementary school.

One aspect of the school system where I teach that I am continually proud of is the significant thoughtful attention to individual students that is a hallmark of the system--teachers take the time to care for each and every student, and in general, all educators look beyond the daily struggle to the long term vision and gain possible. They teach for a child's successful and happy future.

We will encounter struggle as we teach. Students will challenge us to find ways to teach them well. Whether it be the call to better enrich, reteach, guide, or troubleshoot with a student, it's imperative that we work positively on the issue at hand while we always support and inspire that child's long term view of the life that he/she may have.