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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Professional Learning: Grouping

As I sat with a number of educators today at a well-executed professional learning event, I thought about the many ways that you can group for professional learning.

For example, there were a few seasoned educators at the table, and I thought about how grouping seasoned educators together once in a while could be advantageous as we could share ideas about betterment and our tenure. As a seasoned educator, it's clear to me that while I have ideas to offer, it's also important to up my game and share with sensitivity with regard to the many educators I work with.

Also, grouping educators by years of service can be helpful--there's much to be gained. Grouping by interest, experience, and questions is helpful too, and of course, heterogeneous grouping is advantageous as well.

Similar to the multiple ways we group students in elementary school classrooms, there is similarly many ways to advantageously group, or better invite educators to work together to develop their collective craft.