Friday, December 30, 2016

Planning for a New World, Not the Old One

Too many make plans for a world that no longer exists.

It's imperative that we take note of the changes in society and plan ahead for what our world is becoming.

With regard to employment and schools, this could mean doubling staffs in every school and utilizing the best possible resources to provide every child with a top-notch holistic education--the kind that will forward our world in ways that matter.

The public needs to bring their best strategic processes and the voices of our diversity together to craft the plans for school growth and betterment. When we leave these decisions to a few, we minimize what's possible and lose out on potential.

Since the Trump victory, I've been telling everyone I meet that this is a wake-up call to get involved, use your voices, and contribute. It's been surprising to me how many agree, but have little intent in doing that. So many have given in to inertia and remain silent. Others are busy squirreling away their assets, time, and goods to protect themselves not realizing that it's not enough to protect one's self since the way the world moves will affect all of us.

We have a lot to do to move towards greater collaboration, contribution, and care. We are behind ourselves with regard to what we can do for each other to move our country forward in ways that matter. We need everyone's contribution in this regard.

Seriously, what will you do to make a difference in your spheres of influence?

Will you write a letter to leaders to speak up about what matters?

Will you attend meetings that involve decision making and change?

Will you sacrifice time and dollars to support a cause bigger than yourself?

Will you ask the difficult questions and share the life changing information and research that matters?

Will you speak up with unethical events occur?

Too many of us are satisfied to stay silent and passive in the face of opportunity. We cannot do that. It's within everyone's responsibility to contribute in some way to the new world we are creating for ourselves, our children, and grandchildren. This is a critical consideration.