Tuesday, December 20, 2016

New Year's Resolutions: Teaching Well

As my focus shifts in the education world, I am thinking of my teaching/learning New Year's resolutions--resolutions that include the following:

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
I will continue to work my SEL study group and use the information I learn and detail to better my teaching/learning. This is good learning that impacts my teaching well.

Parent Communication
Our team does a good job communicating with families that read our newsletters, attend parent conferences, and email us with questions and ideas. In general, we meet the needs of those families well. I want to work at reaching out more to families that don't regularly access our conferences, newsletters, or email to support their children better.

Classroom Set-Up and Organization
Now that I know this teaching/learning team well, I want to reconfigure the classroom in ways that will better support their daily teaching/learning needs.

Greater Differentiation
Also with the greater knowledge I have of all the students, I can more easily differentiate the curriculum to meet the various needs and interests of the students.

Culturally Proficient Program
Our team will dig into our goals to teach a culturally proficient program with a number of events.

Union Representative/Local Union Secretary
Now that my role on the salary and negotiations team is mostly done, I'll focus on my work as local union secretary by keeping the notes and website up to date as well as doing my work on the MTA professional learning committee.

I'll continue to play a role on the Department of Education's Teacher Advisory Committee

I'm looking forward to the new year's resolutions which are really goals instead.