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Monday, December 05, 2016

New Staff: Orientation and Introduction

Due to the busy schedules at school districts, new staff or staff changes often arrive with little introduction. Even though we're really busy in schools, this lack of introduction actually obstructs the good work possible in the long run.

Instead, I believe that new staff should be met with the following protocols:
  • An introductory email to all staff that introduces the new staff member or changed role with respect and detail. This note would give the full name of the staff member, his/her role, and the general responsibilities/expectations of the role. 
  • A meeting with the new staff member and his/her colleagues or team. This would help the team to get to know the new staff member in a respectful way and also introduce the team to the role and expectations of the new staff member or new role for an existing staff member.
Over the years as an educator, I have had many new staff members or staff members with new roles show up at my door without any introduction or meeting. This puts me in a very awkward situation as I'm typically working with many students and I don't know the individual's name, role, or expectations with regard to my work.

Good protocols related to new staff or changed roles will serve everyone in the organization well, and rather than beginning with awkward moments and confusing or unknown expectations, a good, honest introduction will serve to begin the new role with a successful start.