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Friday, December 02, 2016

Mathways: Next Steps

After staying up late to correct a large number of tests, I am moved to think about the mathways ahead. Where will I focus my teaching/learning attention?

While making time for the scope and sequence as directed, I'll also find ways to build confidence and foundation skills for the students who struggle. How can I do both?

Technology Access
Soon many students who haven't had technology access will get that access. That's an important first step. Then as a colleague noted, once these students have the technology, we can better personalize their at-home learning practice menu and response.

Scaffolded Assignments and Lessons
I'll utilize more scaffolded assignments and lessons to boost foundation skills while teaching new content too.

Advocacy for Student-Centered, Brain-Friendly Math 
I'll continue to learn about and advocate for math teaching/learning programs that are student-centered and brain-friendly. I'll work with colleagues with regard to this.

I have a number of students assignments that I will review and pass back. As I look at all this work, I'll create individual goals for a number of students and starting pathways to reach those goals.

I'll begin using Boaler's great problem solving tasks more often. That will be terrific enrichment for those who are ready and or desire this.

I'm looking forward to digging into the math teaching and learning even more. Students are energized and dedicated. This is most important. Now the key is to meet their positive energy with as good as possible teaching and learning. Onward.