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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Good People

Of course, I want better and desire wonderful ways to get there, however while I reach for improvement, I also acknowledge so many wonderful people I live and work with each day:

  • The cheerful, positive colleague who makes a point of being positive and helpful
  • The countless hard working, kind children
  • The dedicated custodians who keep our old school clean
  • The office staff that do so many jobs we often take for granted--jobs important to our school
  • The parents who care kindly for their children each day
  • The music, art, library, gym, tech, and instrumental teachers that offer students wonderful programs
  • The teaching assistants that work far past their required hours and expectations
  • The colleagues who bring students terrific teaching each day
  • The facilities people who keep the grounds up to date
  • The family members who do so much every day to make our home warm and welcoming
  • The coaches, mentors, bosses, teachers, and others that care for my own children each day
  • My neighbors who are always there if I need them
  • My extended family who are only a phone call away
  • The citizens and family members that support the community and schools
I am fortunate to have so many good people in my life.